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Make a bouquet of dried flowers

Make a bouquet of dried flowers

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Easy to make, the bouquet of dried flowers offers the advantage of keeping as long as you want.

Dried flowers thus form beautiful bouquets throughout the year.

When to dry the flowers?

  • The flowers should be picked in dry weather, preferably sunny, but never when it is raining.
    You will also avoid cutting the plants in the morning, as the dew will disturb the quality of the drying.
  • If it is flowers and not foliage, choose when they are most blooming so that once dried they can keep their best shine.
    But you can also cut the plants at different stages to have varied tones in your bouquets.

How to dry them and for how long?

Once cut, the plants should be kept upside down for 2 to 3 weeks in a dry, ventilated place not exposed to light. This last precaution is essential to keep your flowers the freshness of their colors.

What plants for a bouquet of dried flowers

All plants can be dried, but some will be particularly highlighted when creating your bouquet.

So the lavender, roses, hydrangeas, the dahlias, theyarrow or the grasses will allow you to make beautiful bouquets of dried flowers.

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