Indoor and outdoor succulents

Indoor and outdoor succulents

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Succulents convince with their ease of maintenance, their wide variety and their waxy or downy leaves.

Zoom on two rosette-shaped crassulaceae, echeveria and houseleek.

Multiple and graphic, succulents have been the stars of garden centers for several years.

Coming from arid areas all over the world, they are easy to cultivate because, accustomed to drought, they can survive for a long time without water thanks to their fatty leaves and stems where they store moisture.

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L’echeveria: indoor succulent

The Crassulaceae family includes thousands of species of succulents including echeveria, a rose plant native to Mexico. Evoking an artichoke, it has thick green, gray-green, purple or red leaves and, for some species, offers small yellow, pink or red flowers.

There are 150 varieties of echeveria, but all of them have the same ability to resist watering forgotten. They can last three to four weeks without water.

Alone in a pot or paired with other succulents in a terrarium, echeveria can be placed outdoors in summer. To avoid seeing it wither, repot it at least every three years, in the spring.

Houseleek: outdoor succulent

Also evoking an artichoke by its petals placed in a rosette, houseleek is very present on the Mediterranean rim. This succulent plant from the Crassulaceae family blooms in summer and is very resistant to drought and cold. It is planted outdoors, in the ground or in a pot. She likes calcareous soils but fears excessive rain.

Houseleek is an easy plant, if you put it in well-drained soil and in a sunny spot, you won't have much to do. Just be sure to protect it from excessive rains in the fall and winter. You can multiply it easily by taking its runners.

Like echeveria, houseleek offers a wide variety of shapes and colors and flowers in summer. It is used as a rockery plant on low walls and was once cultivated on roofs to protect them from lightning. Its roots grow deep, if you plant it in a pot, choose a relatively tall container.

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Visual credits:Echeveria: Dutch Flower Office, Houseleek: Fotolia

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