How about a shelter for your garden?

How about a shelter for your garden?

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Owning a garden shed is a must for all gardening enthusiasts, more or less assiduous.

Large, small, in wood, PVC or iron, the garden shed has many advantages, including that of making your life much easier when it comes to storing the multitude of more or less bulky tools that you use. for gardening.

The garden shed also has the advantage of adding an aesthetic "plus" to your garden and when it is well chosen will always make your neighbors die of envy. But you still have to choose the one that will fit perfectly into your garden and bring you complete satisfaction. Indeed even if the use of such shelters has become democratized and prices are now more than affordable, the fact remains that embarking on such a project must be the subject of a real reflection.

This is why we have selected for you three types of garden shed offered by the online site Trigano store. The brand has indeed excellent expertise in garden furniture and offers reliable and aesthetic garden sheds.

The wooden garden shed

Wood is the choice of aesthetics because it blends naturally and harmoniously into the universe of the garden.

In addition, by choosing relatively thick wood walls, you will gain strength and durability.

The only drawback of a wooden garden shed is its maintenance, which you will have to carry out quite frequently (1 stain per year).

Here are some examples of wooden garden sheds from the Trigano store brand.

The metal garden shed

The disadvantages of one are the advantages of the other. Metal shelters will have the advantage of being relatively time-consuming in terms of maintenance, but you will lose a bit in aesthetics compared to wood. This is the perfect solution for small budgets since you will find very good metal shelters from 200 €.

A saving of time and savings in the long term. To correct the aesthetic aspect a little, Triganostore offers a wide range of "wood-look" metal shelters, thus taking advantage of all the natural aesthetics of wood.

This is the editorial choice if you want to combine aesthetics, lightness and longevity. In addition, the metal shelters from the YARDMASTER range are exclusively manufactured in Europe (Ireland).

Metal garden sheds Color taupe gray

The PVC garden shed

From an aesthetic point of view it remains quite close to the wooden shelter. Lightweight but strong, they have the great advantage of resisting temperature changes well and requiring very little maintenance.

The only downside to the relatively expensive entry-level prices ...

PVC garden sheds Trigano store

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