Garden with your children

Garden with your children

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With fine weather, we eat more fruits and vegetables. Why not take the opportunity to cultivate your own, helped by your children?

There is nothing out of date about having your vegetable garden. Quite the contrary. More and more French households are reserving a square of land in their garden to grow radishes, salads, tomatoes, green beans, strawberries or raspberries. There are several reasons for this: controlling the origin of products to benefit from a healthier diet, reduce food costs, succumb to the "do it yourself" trend and pass it on to the younger generations.

A moment of sharing

Because the vegetable garden, far from the TV, game consoles and tablets that isolate within the family, brings everyone together.

Whatever the age. It becomes a moment of sharing and exchange. Not only do you achieve something with your children, but you also teach them all that Mother Nature can offer us.

Only, for the test to be successful, you should not force your children to follow you into the garden only for the thankless tasks (removing weeds, watering, harvesting) but involve them from the start of the adventure.

Don't neglect the preparation

You can, therefore, start by drawing your future vegetable garden and together choose what you will plant there.

A good tip: at first, choose what grows easily such as radish, the salads, the beans, the carrots and the spinach.

They don't love “green”? With any luck, you might see them change their minds by tasting their own harvest.

After drawing your vegetable garden, prepare the land together. And here too, you can alleviate the difficulties by finding them a sturdy garden kit suitable for their age. Today, all the specialized brands offer watering can, shovel, hoe, spade, dibbler designed specifically for children.

Plant and harvest

Then the best thing about it is ... planting time. It is starting to become really real for your toddlers.

And to make it even more so, make labels with them on which they will have written or drawn the vegetables and fruits planted, adding the date of planting and the water requirements. So, in the days that follow, you can give them some independence to go and water their vegetable garden themselves.

The time of harvest will finally come: the reward for all their efforts. Do not hesitate to encourage them to taste a radish here, there a strawberry just picked.

And if your children want to take it a step further, cook your crops together. Why not for a meal where you will have invited family and friends. Their pride when they sit down to eat will be unparalleled and your happiness unparalleled!

Visual credits: Children's vegetable garden: © Chrisberic Fotolia Children vegetable garden 2: © Savoieleysse Fotolia Children vegetable garden 3: © Agence DER Fotolia

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