Sensational "Purple Sensation" Ornamental Garlic


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Plant "Purple Sensation" from September to December, preferably in small groups of at least 5 bulbs, in flower beds, flower beds, or in pots on the balcony or terrace at a depth of about 20 cm, in a sunny place or a little in the shade.

Allium aflatunense "Purple Sensation"

In France, Allium aflatunense or ornamental garlic "Purple Sensation" was chosen as the bulb of the year 2012.

This ornamental garlic variety probably originates from Allium gigantum. And yet the Purple Sensation strain is no taller than 80cm and it's darker. Under the sturdy stem is a magnificent rosette of silvery green leaves 40 cm in length. At the top, of course, is a large ball well supplied with hundreds of small flowers ranging from purple to midnight blue.

This variety from West Asia does not fear the wind. Like other garlic varieties, it has a sturdy, hollow stem that bends nicely in the wind, and does not break. During the flowering period from April to May, you can also cut them to put them in a vase: a single flower in a beautiful slender vase is enough to decorate a table. This sensational garlic in a dried version is also very decorative. You can for example insert this dried flower in a bouquet or a Christmas arrangement or, just like with freshly cut flowers, put it in a thin vase. In the garden, this variety combines perfectly with other shorter garlic varieties, ixias, beautiful deep red cut tulips or pure white lilies.

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