Carrots make you blush with pleasure

Carrots make you blush with pleasure

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She makes the cheeks - or the buttocks - pink according to the mothers. It is above all an excellent source of antioxidants

and soft fibers, recommended for everyone from an early age.

Inexpensive, carrots are a year-round staple.

  • Health: benefits and virtues of carrots
  • Vegetable garden: growing carrots well

Carrot: a very popular vegetable

In baby purees, grated, simmered or raw to chew, the carrots are the second most consumed vegetable in France. Inexpensive (around one euro per kilo on average), present in all seasons on the shelves, they are rich in minerals, fibers and vitamins.

They contain a lot of beta-carotene, a pigment that transforms in the body into vitamin A, a substance essential for growth, skin beauty and good vision, especially at night.

Easy and quick to prepare - rinsing under water for early carrots, peeling in a peeler for others - carrots will keep for more than eight days in the vegetable drawer of the refrigerator and can be easily frozen after being cut into slices and blanched in boiling water.

  • Health: benefits and virtues of carrots
  • Vegetable garden: growing carrots well

The right agreements

Beef, Carrots, grated carrots or vichy: there are many recipes for tasting carrots in “classic” mode.

But if you want something new, there is no shortage of ideas either! The sweetness of the carrot is pleasantly enhanced by certain spices (cumin, curry, cardamom,cinnamon...), herbs (thyme, mint, coriander…), As well as citrus fruits and dried fruits.

The winning combinations are many and varied: carrots marinated in Moroccan orange juice; mixed in a velvety soup with coconut milk; for dessert, in the famous carrot-cake english; or as a juice, with apples and ginger.

Finally, don't forget that their tops can also be cooked: as a velvety, as a quiche or as a pesto, they must be rediscovered immediately.

Floating island revisited: vanilla carrot velouté, egg in snow with citrus fruits

A recipe by Ruben Sarfati

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 600 g carrots
  • 600 g of liquid cream
  • 1.5 eggs
  • 145 g sugar
  • 2 vanilla pods
  • 1⁄2 lime
  • 1⁄4 of an orange.

For the soup,

Peel and slice the carrots.

Cook them in a tightly wrapped bowl in the microwave at 700 W for 6 minutes.

In a pot,

Put the cooked carrots and add the cream, sugar and split vanilla pods.

Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes.

Remove the vanilla pods and all the grains. Mix everything.

Book by the fireside.

For the eggs in the snow,

Place the egg whites at room temperature in a bowl with the juice of 1⁄2 a lime.

Whisk well until the mixture is stiff, add the sugar and whip the egg whites.

Then place 4 nice dumplings on a wrapped plate, zest the orange and lemon over them, and cook in the microwave at 700 W for 1 minute 15.

Serve over the soup.

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