Gardening effortlessly is possible

Gardening effortlessly is possible

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The perched containers, vegetable tables and other planters are very practical for all those who want to garden without breaking the bank!

Gardening without bending down is possible and even recommended for anyone who wants to take care of their back and their joints ...

Gardening effortlessly

Inspired by horticultural culture tables, many "vegetable gardens on feet »Have appeared on garden center shelves in recent years.

Made of wood, metal or plastic, these are bins - more or less large - placed on feet to reach 70 to 80 cm high, some models being adjustable in height.

With their draining bottom, their water collector and their casters to follow the sun, they are well suited to growing on balconies, but can also be installed on the terrace or in the garden to avoid bending over and thus garden comfortably. , standing or sitting in an armchair.

They make it easy to cultivate plants with rapid growth and restricted habit, such as cherry tomatoes, radishes, strawberries, salads, aromatics ... Not to mention the very playful mini-vegetables that will appeal to children (beets, carrots, artichokes, beans…).

Gardening without bending down

Other solutions allow you to garden standing up or at least bending over as little as possible. Take advantage of your windows and balconies to install planters that will welcome your aromatics, which you will always have at hand.

Place your pots on tables or choose tall, deep containers that will allow you to plant plants with larger roots, such as small trees. Olivier, citrus, mini fruit trees : the choice is wide to harvest fruit without moving from your balcony!

In the garden, raise your crops 60-80 cm from the ground by placing them in squares of wooden planks filled with soil where you will practice crop rotation to optimize space.

This technique of square vegetable garden which allows you to grow the amount of fruit and vegetables best suited to your needs is ideal for small gardens and for those with poor soil, because you can more easily modify and enrich it by adding compost.

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