A summer with Trigano Store

A summer with Trigano Store

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You will agree, there is nothing more enjoyable on sunny days than getting together with family or friends and having a good time outdoors.

For a barbecue, or just for a relaxing afternoon, the outside of your house becomes, in summer, a living space in its own right.

Many people overlook the layout of this space, but paradoxically, it is the place we all like to enjoy during this time.

Especially since in terms of choice of furniture, the offer of professionals has grown considerably. You now have garden furniture catalogs just as full as the classic interior design catalogs.

A summer in fanfare with Trigano Store

Today, to give you ideas on the 1001 ways to design your exterior, we have chosen Trigano Storewhich specializes (among others) in the sale of garden furniture.

Our favorite of the day was the Java garden furniture

This living room, which will fit into small spaces as well as large ones, consists of a resin coffee table, a two-seater sofa and 2 very comfortable chairs.

We particularly like the depth of the seat which allows a relaxing position of the body, ideal for a "lazy" break on a beautiful sunny afternoon.

But what we like best is the value for money because the entire salon is delivered for free in less than a week for just € 229.




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