From summer chicory to jellies

From summer chicory to jellies

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Sown regularly from April to August, curly chicory is best enjoyed from late summer until the first frost. We love its slightly bitter taste and crunchy texture.
Since the XVIe century, chicory is appreciated for its crunchiness, its taste and its nutritional and medicinal virtues (it contains many antioxidants and vitamin K). The selection of species with more or less curly leaves and a more or less voluminous white heart began in the 19th century.e century in Italy and France. Each region was then keen to produce its variety, and there were curls from Lyon, Provence, Vendée and Tours.

Today, the selection tends to seek varieties suited to the seasons with summer, fall and winter chicory.

  • Vegetable garden: how to grow chicory well

Chicory, to your seedlings!

Sow regularly, preferably in place to limit the risk of premature seed growth, in warm soil in soil rich in humus, or under cover (20-25 ° C) to obtain rapid emergence: chicory raised in 48 hours will have less lucky to go to seed.

In the case of sowing in a nursery, plant very small plants, taking care not to bury the crown (leaf base). Chicory does not like cabbage, prefer it as a neighborhood, theendive.

For blanch the chicory and make its leaves more tender and less bitter, you just need to cover it for ten days with a pottery (see photo) when it has reached its full development.

Chicory for the winter

Some varieties are resistant to the first frost of winter, especially if protected with a layer of straw or dry ferns, or a plastic winter cover.

Chicory is quite rustic, but, like its sisters, it fears slugs and snails which like to nestle between the leaves.

The aphids roots can attack the collar: pull up infested and weakened plants without delay.

Finally, remember to harvest the young leaves by cutting them off above the crown, so as to allow regrowth throughout the beautiful season.

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