Chancre: Control and organic treatment

Chancre: Control and organic treatment

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Affecting most ornamental plants such as cypress, the willow or fruit trees like to fish, theapricot tree where the Cherry tree, canker is a fungal disease that attacks the branches and even the trunk of the tree.

Very quickly, we observe a gaunt aspect of the branches.
They dry out, die, and often leak gum.

Favorable conditions for the onset of chancre?

This fungus particularly likes humidity. It will therefore tend to spread when the weather is particularly hot and the wetness from the water is still present.

At the slightest injury to the tree, fill it with a healing putty, otherwise it is a factor that will promote the appearance of the canker.

How to fight against canker?

  • Preventively : Spraying Bordeaux mixture can effectively limit risks.
    This operation is carried out from September and has to be repeated 3 times every 15 days.
    In the spring, 1 to 2 sprays should be carried out starting in March at intervals of 15 days.

  • Curatively : Remove branches as soon as they are infected and burn them.
    If the trunk is affected, remove as much of the diseased part as possible with a disinfected cloth until you reach the healthy part and cover with a healing putty.

Trees susceptible to canker development

  • The Apple tree
  • The cherry tree
  • Maple
  • The chestnut tree
  • L’albizia
  • Walnut
  • The plane tree
  • The peach
  • The apricot tree

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