Savoyard fondue recipe

Savoyard fondue recipe

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A must for Alpine specialties, the Savoyard fondue recipe is also the convivial dish par excellence.

Ingredients for 4 persons :

  • 200 g of Beaufort
  • 250 g Emmental
  • 250 g of Comté
  • 1 country bread (preferably stale, or at least the day before)
  • 1 clove of garlic
  • 20 cl of dry white wine
  • 10 cl of kirsch
  • Pepper

Savoyard fondue recipe

Whoever loses his piece of bread in the fondue has a pledge!

- Cut the country bread into large cubes.

- Crust the cheeses. Grate them.

- Peel, degerm, wash the garlic clove. Rub it inside a fondue pot. Cut the pod into pieces and leave it in the fondue pot.

Pour in the white wine. Place on the heat, and, when the first simmers appear, add the grated cheese. Melt over medium heat, stirring constantly, forming an "8" in the mixture with a wooden spoon. The fondue should be very smooth and should not boil. Pepper generously and incorporate the kirsch at the last moment. Mix.

- In the center of the table: place the caquelon on its stove (to keep the preparation warm), the fondue sticks and the bread. Let each guest prick a piece of bread with their fondue stick and plunge it into the fondue. The piece of bread should come out coated with cheese.

- Enjoy!

Chef's BBA about Savoyard fondue

- The quality of your fondue will depend on the quality of your cheeses.

- This recipe can be made with Vacherin, and Emmental can be replaced by abundance, but be careful, you will be moving away from the "real recipe" for Savoyard fondue!

- If your fondue has trouble binding, dilute a teaspoon of cornstarch with a little wine and incorporate this mixture into the fondue.

Savoyard and Beaufort fondue

Beaufort in taste!

With its concave heel, you can't go wrong, Beaufort is unlike any other cheese. Moreover, the AOC from which it has benefited since 1968 reserves the unique use of the wooden circle which gives it this characteristic. The Designation of Origin

Controlled also requires that this ivory paste be produced in the Savoyard valleys of Beaufortain, Maurienne and Tarentaise. This cooked pressed paste with a nutty taste is made from the milk of only Abondance and Tarine cows grazing grass and hay in their mountain pastures. In this regard, let us note two qualities of cheese: summer Beaufort - dairy productions from June to October - and the "alpine chalet" linked to summer productions produced twice a day above 1500 m altitude. To consume, like Parmesan, in shavings and not grated!

O. Marie

On the cellar side, wine to accompany the Savoyard fondue

The Savoyard fondue evokes holidays in the mountains or evenings with friends and sometimes has a more fun than gastronomic side. Nevertheless, good preparation and a judicious choice of cheeses can make it a tasty dish that combines tackiness with fondant and expresses the aromatic nuances mixed with garlic of wine, kirsch and notes of dried fruits and milk cheeses.

We naturally think of a partner as a Savoy winepreferably white and marked by good acidity to reduce the sometimes cloying character of hot cheese; such are the wines made from the Jacquère grape, like aAbymes or one Apremont.

By remaining in the local color, but for lovers of Red wine, the wines of Bugey produce vintages made from gamay and pinot noir which present the required freshness, with aromatic notes which will highlight the kirsch notes and the fruitiness of the cheese.

Finally in the same style, we can choose a All-grain Burgundy, which is often easier to obtain in our region.

Mr. Chassin

Recipe: T. Debéthune, Photo: C. Herlédan

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