Madagascar periwinkle

Madagascar periwinkle

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The Madagascan periwinkle is a herbaceous plant native to the island it is named after.

She offers a very pretty flowering in summer.

In summary, what you need to know:

Last name : Vinca rosea
Family : Apocynaceae
Type : Shrub

: 0.25 to 0.5 m
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

Foliage : Persistent (in hot climates)
Flowering : May to October-November

Madagascar periwinkle plantation

Outdoor cultivation of Madagascar periwinkle:

The Madagascar periwinkle originates from the island of Madagascar and therefore from a region with a tropical climate.

  1. She and therefore needs atemperature of 20° to grow well.
  2. For cultivation in the ground, a climatehot summer and winter is necessary and planting will be donein spring.

But you can grow Madagascar periwinkle as an annual from May to October without any difficulty.

  1. Prefer a sunny spot.
  2. Mix the soil in your garden with potting soil.
  3. Water only if the plant shows signs of dehydration because it is resistant to arid environments.

Madagascar periwinkle pot culture:

For theMadagascar periwinkle pot culture, it is recommendedrepot every 1 to 2 yearspreferablyin spring.

The pot provided during the purchase will quickly be too small so plan to quickly repot your Madagascan periwinkle outside of flowering

  • Find our advice forrepot your plant well.

Pruning and caring for Madagascar periwinkle

If you cultivate the Madagascan periwinkle outdoors like an annual, you will simply have to remove the plant as soon as the first frosts arrive (it will have no chance of overwintering)

If you cultivate theMadagascan periwinkle indoors and in pots, it will need to be pruned regularly to stimulate flowering and contain its growth.

Remove faded Madagascan periwinkle flowers as you go to encourage new blooms to appear.

  • Prune lightly in early spring in order tostimulate flowering.
  • Pruning can take place during repotting.

Madagascar periwinkle pot culture

Choose avery bright location for your Madagascan periwinkle but without direct sun behind a window.

  • Avoid proximity to a heat source such as a radiator.
  • Protect it from the sun's rays during the hottest hours if it is behind a window.

Water regularly but without excess so as not to suffocate the roots.

Finally, take your shrub out ofMay to October so that it can enjoy the outside air.

In pots, the Madagascar periwinkle needsa lot of humidity and will enjoy being placed on a bed of gravel or clay balls that is always wet to recreate the conditions of its natural environment.

Madagascar Periwinkle after flowering:

The classic flowering period for Madagascar periwinkle is from May to October.

  • Next, you should overwinter your plant by putting it in a cooler but bright room.
  • Theideal temperatureis around 20-21 ° in summer and 10-15 ° in winter.
  • Limit watering to a minimum and stop any addition of fertilizer.

Diseases and problems in Madagascar periwinkle

If theMadagascar periwinkle leaves turn yellow, very often it is due to a cold snap or a lack of water.

  1. Protect your Madagascan periwinkle from drafts and regularly spray water on its leaves.

If awhitish cluster appears on the leaves of your Madagascan periwinkle as a cottony down, they are mealybugs.

  1. Follow our advicemealybug treatment.

Madagascar periwinkle may be prone tomites like red spiders.

  1. Follow our advice forfight well against red spiders

Smart tip about Madagascar periwinkle

Adding special organic fertilizer for flowering plants will improve flowering.

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