Layering: technique

Layering: technique

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Layering is an easy-to-use multiplication method that involves burying a branch of a plant to produce a new one.

This allows to produce new roots without cutting branches while guaranteeing the chances of recovery of your plant.

Also economical and very rewarding when you finally cut the stem like the cord connecting the mother to her child.

Layering is a technique that is often applied to plants that are difficult to cutting.

Some rules to follow for layering

  1. The branch must be flexible, prefer a hardwood.

  2. It should be buried in a quality, rich and moist substrate.

  3. It is best to lay in the summer, in August.

The method to be used for layering

  1. Choose a branch of the year at the foot of the tree. It needs to be flexible so that it can be bent to the ground.

  2. Thoroughly clean the soil from roots, debris and weeds.

  3. Remove the leaves and twigs on the part of the stem you are going to bury.

  4. Slightly score the bark without breaking the branch.

  5. Bury this part a few centimeters deep (5 cm is enough)

  6. Without being compulsory, the ideal is to be able to soak the twig in a powder of cuttings hormone beforehand.

  7. Raise the part of the branch that is not buried with a stake so that it is as vertical as possible.

  8. Water regularly - the following spring, you can cut the stem that has given new roots and replant it in a new location!

Some variants of layering

  • Long-timber layering : We bury almost the entire branch in order to multiply the new shoots.
  • Pot layering : We use a pot to bury the twig. we avoid forced folding and we can leave the new growth in its pot.
  • Air layering : We cut the twig, then we leave it in a kind of sleeve filled with moist potting soil so that it develops its roots.
    This method is often used for houseplants such as ficus
  • Snake layering : We bury a long branch in several different places.

Some ideas of plants to lay

All plants with long stems such as climbers, lianas, clematis, wisteria, but also, in air layering, difficult houseplants such as ficus

Video: Tutorial: Individual layering with HeraCeram Zirkonia 750 EN (July 2022).


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