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Ivy geranium: cultivation and maintenance

Ivy geranium: cultivation and maintenance

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Ivy geranium is a wonderful ornamental plant.

It is easy to grow and care for beautiful flowers. On the balcony, on the terrace or in the garden, the decorative effect is guaranteed.

Last name : Pelargonium peltatum
Family : Geraniaceae
Type : Perennial

: 30 to 80 cm
Exposure : Sunny
Ground : Well drained

: Obsolete
Flowering : May to October

Planting ivy geranium

The geranium ivy leaf is not a climbing plant, as the name might imply.

So don't imagine climbing your plant up along a support.

Plant an ivy geranium:

In pot or container, you can plant from March in your planters but you will have to put them in in case of frost.

For your garden, wait end of April to put them in the ground and bring a special geranium soil to your soil.

  • Respect a distance of 30 cm between each plant.

Propagation of geranium ivy:

This plant multiplies easily by cuttings or by sowing under shelter.
The cutting work will begin at the end of summer by taking the cuttings from the mother plants

For varieties that can multiply by seed, this should be done as early as February.

Ivy geranium pruning

Remove faded flowers as they appear, this promotes the appearance of new flowers.

At the end of the season, you can prune shorter to balance the antlers and the silhouette of the ivy geranium

Watering ivy geranium

Water generously, but make sure that the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.

A excess water could lead to rotting roots or to yellowing of the foliage.

Conservation of ivy geranium in winter

Ivy geranium can be stored from one year to the next but recovery the following year is not guaranteed unlike zonal geranium.

At the end of the season, if they are in pot or planter,

  • Prune your ivy geraniums 2/3 of their length
  • Place them in a room sheltered from frost and reduce watering.
  • In winter, one watering per month is sufficient

All you need to know about ivy geranium

If the geranium is well known to flower most of our gardens and our balconies, the ivy geranium is a little less common but just as magnificent.

His decorative effect is very popular, especially in containers and planters.
You will be able to drop it, run it along the floor or along a railing.

A very wide choice of colors and shapes will satisfy all your desires!

Maintenance remains very easy while the wonderful bloom will enchant you a large part of the beautiful season.

Smart tip about ivy geranium

Avoid the sun that is too hot for exposure.
Adding organic fertilizer in spring stimulates flowering

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