Depolluting plants 2/2

Depolluting plants 2/2

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Here is the second part of our article devoted to depolluting plants.

Below are the most common plants that are easy to grow for maximum results.

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Among the many houseplants we find:

The Ficus:

It mainly absorbs the formaldehyde, xylene and ammonia present in detergents.
It acts on the cigarette smoke, the deodorants or the varnish.

It settles in the light and is particularly suitable for the interior of our homes and apartments.

If it is one of the best-selling plants, it is also thanks to its great decorative power.

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The Philodendron:

It mainly absorbs formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol.

These components are found in most materials used for furniture but also glue, varnishes and household products

It is a humidity-loving plant that can also be enjoyed in a bathroom, for example.

Maintenance is easy and you will be won over by its shiny foliage.

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The fern :

It is one of the most popular houseplants more efficient to clean the air.

Very effective thanks to its great power of absorption and rejection, it eliminates most of the products that are used forhouse maintenance and cleaning.

But also those present in the materials that make up the furniture

For indoor use, choose Nephrolepis exaltata

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The areca:

Areca is not only one of the favorite and undoubtedly the most used houseplants, it is also one of the pollution control plants.

It absorbs xylene and formaldehyde very well.

These products are found in particular in the painting and varnishes but also in most cleaning products.

The areca likes very sunny and bright places.

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The calathea:

Calathea does particularly well in bright places without direct sunlight.

Beyond its great decorative power thanks to its unique and original foliage, it purifies the ambient air of a multitude of substances more or less toxic.

The maintenance of the calathea is easy and requires almost no care while its presence confers a lot of pleasure.

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Anthurium has become a staple of houseplants.

Its flowering is wonderful and can last all year if well cared for.

In addition to that, he has the advantage of absorbing many chemicals like ammonia.

It is therefore perfect for decorating a kitchen or any other room in the house that is fairly humid, such as the bathroom.

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Dieffenbachia is native to Central America and Brazil.

Maintenance, repotting, watering or even exposure, are all small steps that will make your dieffenbachia even more beautiful.

It brings happiness to our homes and apartments thanks to its great decorative power.

Besides all these advantages, dieffenbachia has the advantage ofhumidify the air when it is too dry, very useful when there is air conditioning

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The dracaena:

Contrary to what some varieties suggest, thedracaena is not a palm tree.

But its likeness is confusing, and the maintenance it needs is often close to that of a palm tree.

Both attractive and very easy to grow, it is one of the most popular and best-selling houseplants.

Thanks to the dracaena, you absorb the formaldehyde and benzene, which can be found particularly in the cigarette smoke

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The croton:

The croton is native to the Pacific Islands.

Maintenance, repotting, watering or even exposure, are small gestures that will make your croton even more beautiful.

It brings happiness to our homes and apartments thanks to its great decorative power and its unique foliage.

But she also has a great depolluting power and fight effectively against formaldehyde.

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The spathiphyllum:

In our climates,this plant settles indoors of our houses and apartments.

It develops well when the temperature is around 20-22 °.

Both very decorative and easy to maintain, Spathiphyllum amazes with its great ability to eliminate toxic chemicals.

It absorbs compounds present in varnishes, plastics, paints and others materials of use present in the furniture.

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Finally, here are other very effective depolluting plants:

  • The cycads : Palm tree-like, it is perfect for ensuring the depollution of xylene and toluene present in paints, varnishes, inks, but also glues, perfumes and chemical deodorants.
  • The clivia : It effectively traps chemical particles in the air.
  • The ivy : It absorbs toluene, trichlorethylene, formaldehyde, as well as carbon monoxide.
  • Theazalea : Very effective against ammonia found in cleaning products.
  • The Chrysanthemum : It mainly removes the trichlorethylene found in solvents (which fortunately tend to disappear)
  • The chlorophytum : It is greatly involved in the elimination of excess carbon monoxide.
  • The sansevieria : Eliminates benzene
  • The rubber

The 2 main advantages of the depolluting plant

  • Ambient air purification
  • The pleasure of seeing your house embellished and vegetated!

Finally, another way to limit indoor pollution is toventilate the rooms very regularly from your house or apartment.

While the windows are almost always open in summer, in winter it is necessary to ventilate each room at least twice 15 minutes during the day.

It is good for your interior but also for your green plants!

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