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A swimming pool as beautiful by day as by night

A swimming pool as beautiful by day as by night

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This indoor swimming pool, made of rectangular blocks, also has a built-in interior corner staircase. The jury fell under his spell and awarded him the gold trophy in the night pool category.


Product description:

  • Dimensions: 6.5m x 3m
  • Interior coating: reinforced membrane 150/100 ° - white color.
  • Beaches: natural stone
  • Copings: natural stone
  • Options: Sand filtration, pump, UV and oxygen water treatment with pH regulator, 2 projectors, counter-current swimming and waterfall, heat exchanger, ambient dehumidification, automatic safety cover, shower , SPA, and infrared cabin, starry sky (2200 LEDS)

Video: Build The Most Beautiful underground sleeping Room with Magnificent Swimming Pool underground (July 2022).


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