A Flower truck in the streets of the capital

A Flower truck in the streets of the capital

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Among the buses that crisscross the streets of Paris daily, there is one that on Tuesday October 9 should not go unnoticed.

Filled with thousands of flowers of all kinds, the Flower truck will brighten the day for passers-by who cross its path. During its journey, this very special bus will make around ten stops in different places in the capital. Ternes, Trocadéro, Madeleine, Odéon, Saint-Michel, Pompidou, the Marché des Enfants Rouges, Bastille, Saint-Paul and even the Town Hall, so many stops that will give rise to the distribution of flowers. Rose, lily, peony… There will be something for everyone. The more daring are invited to come and try the floral blind tests organized on this occasion by the Flower Truck's flower team. The winners will win bouquets of their favorite flower, made by a renowned florist such as Amélie Baralle, Luc Deschamps, Gilles Pothier… It will flower well in the capital next Tuesday.

And for those who are not in Paris or who would miss the passage of the Flower truck, many bouquets are to be won from October 8 to 21, 2012 on the website

This year again, the Dutch flower office has chosen to lead a chic and shocking operation to promote flowers to the general public. This operation is also an original way to launch its brand new campaign, entitled "Favorite flower". And here too, the Dutch Flower Office hit hard by opting for a very sexy campaign that is sure to please these ladies!

To find out more, visit the website.

Laetitia Devillars

Photo and video credit: Dutch Flower Office

October 2012

Video: Rudys Flower Truck brings flowers to you (July 2022).


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